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We stock a vast supply of materials, fit to suit any given requirement from new access floor panels to refurbished panels where budgeting is a priority. We offer a variety of recycled and reclaimed access floor systems ready to be returned to market. These can be cleaned or modified to meet individual specifications. Raised Access Flooring Installations are the UK’s largest supplier of recycle and second user access flooring materials.

We guarantee to offer any recycled or second user panel at a lower price than our competitors. Utilisation of recycled materials can enable our clients to enhance the BREEAM score of their projects where applicable with all associated benefits. Our recycled panels are also available cleaned and refurbished to allow a quality of finish belying that of a regular reclaimed panel. This allows our clients to deliver an aesthetically pleasing floor space to the end user.

With a 17,000 square foot facility, Raised Access Flooring Installations hold in stock all major manufacturers of access floor panels, both current and obsolete systems. This means that we can store and maintain panels for obsolete and obscure systems to ensure maximum compatibility during dilapidation and refurbishment works.

A&B Installations can supply up to 10,000 m2 in one type of recycled panel and, in most cases, we will warranty the panel for life of the original manufactures warranty.

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Types Of Work

  • Supply and installation of raised access flooring
  • Removal and/or replacement of raised floors.
  • Strengthening works for additional loading
  • Structural calculations Bespoke product manufacture
  • New ramps, steps and handrails fitted
  • Construction in Working/Live rooms
  • Workplace reconfiguration
  • Electrical box cut outs

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