Caesar Æxacta

Caesar Æxacta meets an ever increasing need for floor systems able to restore the pre-existing surface, without damaging it in any way whatsoever. Such as when hiring spaces to use as showrooms, offices, or where the pre-existing floor is too expensive to risk damage or for temporary venues such as temporary shops, trade-fairs or events.

The Caesar Æxacta system offers an easy and quick installation, reducing times and associated costs, guaranteeing a floor that is immediately ready to use and with impeccable aesthetics. Moreover, Caesar Æxacta modules are easy to remove and reusable elsewhere, with no need to demolish the pre-existing surface and produce waste, with the opportunity to quickly change the look of the space.

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Types Of Work

  • Supply and installation of raised access flooring
  • Removal and/or replacement of raised floors.
  • Strengthening works for additional loading
  • Structural calculations Bespoke product manufacture
  • New ramps, steps and handrails fitted
  • Construction in Working/Live rooms
  • Workplace reconfiguration
  • Electrical box cut outs

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