Knauf GIFAfloor

Knauf GIFAfloor has become a specified raised flooring alternative and is a very popular choice with clients and main contractors alike. Knauf GIFAfloor is a raised floor system which uses a calcium-sulphate tongue and groove panel which are then glued on joints for additional structural support and bond. The panels are available in a variety of thicknesses and provide a fantastic surface to apply an assortment of finishes such as ceramic tiles, sheet vinyl, wood and stone.

Currently Raised Access Flooring Installations are installing Knauf GIFAfloor at MACE’s Angel Court development in the City of London. The areas currently Raised Access Flooring Installations are undertaking are lift lobbies, Toilet and restroom areas and the reception areas. This demonstrates Knauf GIFAfloor’s versatility for areas in which it can provide a suitable alterative to a regular access flooring system or to an area which formerly would have required a self-levelling screed to raise the area. Raised Access Flooring Installations are a recommended installer of Access Floor Distribution ltd who are a leading supplier of Knauf GIFAfloor. For more details please review the attached brochure.

Types Of Work

  • Supply and installation of raised access flooring
  • Removal and/or replacement of raised floors.
  • Strengthening works for additional loading
  • Structural calculations Bespoke product manufacture
  • New ramps, steps and handrails fitted
  • Construction in Working/Live rooms
  • Workplace reconfiguration
  • Electrical box cut outs

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